Facials for Men

Facial Treatments for Men

     With more and more men increasing their range of male grooming treatments there are now a vast selection of skincare products and facial treatments readily available to the male consumer.

     Often men’s skin is different to women often thicker with much larger pores and generally requires different product. However the aim for us all is the same to achieve a good cleansing and exfoliation to remove dull dead skin cells and a mask designed to moisturize and balance the skin and a firm face massage to stimulate the muscles and create a natural lift.

     As part of our male grooming service we provide a range of men’s facials using the professional skincare range from Thalgo. The product is a superior brand with a range of products full of good healthy marine elements that cleanse moisturize and balance your skin leaving you feeling healthier, cleaner and firmer looking skin.

     Some men have razor burns, skin that’s exposed to the elements or fairly sensitive skin so the type of products used and the type of mask applied can make all the difference.

     We have a selection of face masks that suits most skin types some of these are peel off masks and some are brush on masks , some with marine algae and some with a cooling mint masque combined with a white clay for the more sensitive skin types.

     Facials for men often include more a much stronger massage for the face neck and shoulders.

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Eyebrow Grooming

     Maintaining your eyebrows is not restricted to women only. While you don’t want thin, feminine eyebrows, you still need to keep them neat and tidy. So if your eyebrows are unruly and you’ve got a caterpillar nestling above your eyes; it’s time for some manly eyebrow grooming. image

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