Waxing isn’t just for the ladies, hair removal for men is growing in popularity.

     Waxing is best for Coarse hair because it easily adheres to skin to pull out stubborn follicles. Also ideal for men who shave since it more easily grabs different hair lengths.

     Being relaxed makes for a much more comfortable experience. Some clients distract themselves listening to their favorite tunes on their iPods.

     Avoid ingrown hair by exfoliating. Though you shouldn’t exfoliate right before or after hair removal, doing it regularly removes debris that could cause ingrowns. A loofah it’s a great exfoliating tool, it removes dead skin cells and opens hair follicles so they’re more easily pulled from the roots.

     A calming lotion will be applied on the area after waxing to cool and refresh the skin. 

     So if you are ready for your Hair Free Look, call now for an appointment…

Waxing Prices

Back $55
Chest $55
Legs $75
Under Arms $40
Full Arms $50
Male Brazilian $75

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